Mat Hysteria — believe the HYPE

Posted by abayaaddict on 22nd May 2016

Who hasn’t heard of Arcancil Paris?  They’ve been around for 80 years! YES, 80!  That’s definitely something to celebrate.  They’re recently launched their MAT HYSTERIA line of lip colors, which has me quite literally– HYSTERIC.  I can’t go ANYWHERE without putting this line on.

Matte Liquid Lip Color, 12h Lasting – No Transfer. — TRIED AND TESTED– and the hype is TRUE!

Combine matte finish and unbeatable lasting in one move with the MAT HYSTERIA.

Its high coverage, comfortable and non-drying formula dresses up the lips with an intense color from the first application. This new generation texture is incredibly soft and glides smoothly on the lips.

I was lucky to have been sent quite a few colors to try from this line.  I took the line with me out on a vacation to test out its long-lasting theory.  While out in the desert under the hot sun for 6 hours, my morning application stayed on through the sweat and lasted until dinnertime.

On the second day of my trip, I planned to be poolside for at least 4 hours.  I wanted to look good of course.  I applied the Mat Hysteria Rouge Tango, sat under the sun, even SWAM UNDERWATER with it for hours, and left back to my hotel room finding the lipstick perfectly intact.

So now you can understand why I’m obsessed with MAT HYSTERIA? Checkout these photos below!


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Mat Hysteria BRUN TWIST Mat Hysteria ROUGE TANGO Mat Hysteria ROUGE TANGO Mat Hysteria ROSE MAMBO Mat Hysteria ORANGE FLAMENCO

ARCANCIL MAT HYSTERIA  LIP COLOR swatches and names from top to bottom:  Brun Twist, Rouge Tango, Rose Mambo, Fuschia CHA-CHA, Orange Flamenco.


After 4 hours of swimming, here is a photo of me  underwater wearing ROUGE TANGO RED MAT HYSTERIA from Arcancil Paris


While out on a desert safari my Mat Hysteria ORANGE FLAMINCO from Arcancil proved to be long lasting.


After 4 hours of swimming, here is a photo of me underwater wearing ROUGE TANGO RED MAT HYSTERIA from Arcancil Paris


Wearing FUSCHIA CHA CHA Mat Hysteria from Arcancil Paris




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